In 1559 ancestors of the Großmann family bought the Coaching House and Inn "Zum Adler". For the price of 500 German gold coins "Goldtaler" the "Adler" changed ownership from the Lords of the Castle Unterboihingen (opposite Hotel Löwen) to the Großmann family. The " Unterboihinger Adler" was run by the Großmann family until 1927. In the same year Johannes Großmann built the hotel and a butcher´s shop "Zum Löwen" next to the "Adler". In 1965 he handed over the hotel to his son Dieter and the butcher´s shop to his son Albert. In various, organically grown constructional stages the former village inn has evolved to the present-day "Hotel-Restaurant Löwen" with rooms and apartments. Since 2008 the long-standing family business is run by the siblings Jörg (qualified Chef) and Petra Großmann (Hotel Manager), who have benefitted from postgraduate professional education at the Bavarian vocational school in Altötting. Every generation thrives to upkeep tradition and hospitality..
Family crest of the Großmann family
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